Investment Casting Benefits

Investment casting process or micro fusion castings produce different investment casting parts used in various industries in just about an alloy. Advantageous to various industries like pump & valve industry, pharmaceutical industry, automobile industry, general engineering equipments, food processing machinery, firefighting equipments, construction equipment parts, defense equipment parts etc. More and more industries are opting for investment casting products made of materials like alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel used by manufacturer of investment casting parts to produce casting parts in different shapes and size. It produces an excellent surface of the product with high accuracy.

There are certain advantages that include –

  • ✤ Excellent surface finish
  • ✤ Capable of large scape so that lower cost
  • ✤ High dimensional accuracy
  • ✤ Complex shapes which are difficult by any other method are possible
  • ✤ Very close tolerances and excellence surface finish can be obtained
  • ✤ Almost any metal can be cast
  • ✤ Ready for use with little or no machining required
  • ✤ No flash or parting lines
  • ✤ Freedom of Design