Investment Casting for Pump & Valve Industry

RadheShyam Investment Casting supplies fully machined

investment casted parts

to Pump and Valve Industries such as Impeller, Bodies, Bonnet Guard etc.
Investment Casted Impeller for Pump & Valve Investment Casted Parts Bodies for Pumps Investment Casting Bonnet Guard for Pump

Investment Casted Parts for Pharma Industry

An array of machinery parts are used in the Pharma Industry. These parts are supplied in fully investment casted and machined conditions.
Investment Casted parts for Pharma Industries Investment Casted Components for Pharma Industry Investment Casted Pharma Machinery Parts

Lost Wax for General Engineering Equipments (Investment Casting)

Various parts for numerous machines are manufactured using different types of material as per the customer’s requirements. Like Car Shredding Hammer, Reflector, Injection Moulding Plate.
Lost Wax for General Engineering Parts Investment Casted Reflector for General Engineering Parts Micro Fusion Casting for General Engineering Parts Investment Casted Hammer for General Engineering Parts Investment Casted Injection Moulding Plate Investment Casting Parts for General Engineering

Micro Fusion Castings for Food Processing Machinery (Investment Casting)

Investment casted Stainless Steel components are used in food processing machinery like Union, Roto Seal Coupling, Stainless Steel Rotary Hand Pump, Steel Brew Pump and various plugs.
Stainless Steel Roto Seal Coupling Investment Casted Stainless Steel Rotary Hand Pump Investment casted Steel Brew Pump & Plug

Investment Casting Components for Fire Fighting Equipments

Machined nozzles and camlock coupling of various steel grades are provided by investment casting with accurate dimensions and safety standards. Customized parts are also manufactured.
Investment Casted Machined Nozzles for Fire Fighting Equipments Investment Casting Camlock Coupling for Fire Fighting Equipments Camlock Coupling for Fire Fighting Equipment

Earth Moving and Construction Equipment Parts (Investment Casting)

RadheShyam Investment Casting manufactures earth moving machinery parts such as Adapter & Tooth Point, Tooth Point, Axle Spindle, Tilt Lever, Lift Arm etc
Tilt Lever & Lift Arm for Fire Fighting Equipments Investment Casted Adapter & Tooth Point for Construction Equipments

Investment Casted Defence Equipment Parts

RadheShyam manufactures various defence equipment parts like Pedestral Unit, Aircraft Engine Parts, and Military Components.
Investment Casted Pedestral Unit for Defence Equipment Investment Casted Aircraft Engine Parts Military Components for Lost wax Military Components for Micro Fusion Casting

Fully Machined & Investment Casted Parts for Automobile Industry

Investment casting finds numerous applications in Automobile industry. RadheShyam investment casting supplies fully machined and investment casted parts like Gear Shaft Levers, Fork Fingers, Gear Box, Diffusers.
Investment Casting Gear Shaft Levers for Automobile industry Investment Casted Fork Fingers for Automobile industry Micro Fusion Casted Gear Box for Automobile Industry Lost Wax Diffusers for Automobile Industry Investment Casting Parts Automobile Industry

Investment Casting Products for Various Industries

Radhe Shyam Investment Casting offers you investment casted parts and precision machining components for various industries. Investment casted products are beneficial as it eliminates the secondary processes after casting, reduces tooling costs over several production runs. With the appropriate selection of the material, the final part displays accurate and smooth surfaces, tolerances and allows lower weight within walls. The product can be produced of any size and complexity. Investment Casting makes use of different materials that include alloy steel, carbon steel, stainless steel etc.

We are a leading manufacturer of sand casting products across a broad range of applications. We offer investment casting in all key markets including Pump and Valve Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Automobile Industry, defence industry, fire fighting equipment, earth moving equipment and other general engineering equipments include Car Shredding Hammer, Reflector, and Injection Moulding Plate.

We use different type of material for investment casting that goes through a master heat qualification process including verified tests in order to ensure dimensional stability. Whether your casting ranges from general engineering to fire fighting equipments, we manufacture quality products of desired shape and size. We help to meet your needs and deliver the highest quality invested casted parts.